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Our Fused Glass Passion


A family-owned and artisanal company, Duo Glass Fusion has been in existence for more than 5 years and we continue to expand our horizons with new products and techniques.


The art of fused glass involves the cutting, assembly and firing of glass sheets of various colors. The glass is cold worked with various tools and each leftover piece of glass can be kept for use in another project. In glass work, no loss of material ... even the glass powder will be useful! The assembled parts are then placed in a kiln equipped with a computer. Multi-step programming defines the times and temperatures chosen for firing. The firing program depends on the size of the project and the desired result. Firing temperatures can reach up to 1490 F. The duration of a firing can go up to 24 hours considering that the cooling of the glass must be done very slowly.


Fused glass offers endless possibilities ... that we continue exploring!


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